Crypto Lender Nexo Pays Token Holders Over $2.4 Million in Dividends

[ad_1] Crypto lending firm Nexo has paid its token holders a total of $2,409,574.87 in dividends. Nexo reportedly has reached an annualized dividend yield of 12.73%.Nexo announced the completion of its dividend payments in a press release on Aug. 16. According to the press release, Nexo has a user base of over 250,000. Moreover, Nexo’s dividend yield is purportedly higher than every dividend-paying stock listed on the S&P 500 market

Bitcoin SV Devs to Offer ‘Office Hours’ for Project Assistance, Consulting

[ad_1] Bitcoin SV blockchain developer and blockchain organization service Open Directory creator synfonaut has launched a consulting service called Office Hours. This service connects developers in need of assistance with experienced Bitcoin SV devs, for help on Bitcoin SV projects. Synfonaut announced the service’s launch in a Twitter post on Aug. 15. As per the platform’s  website, users can reach out to over a dozen professional developers for help on a

US Customs and Border to Trial Blockchain Shipping Proof-of-Concept

[ad_1] A United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) advisory committee, is planning to launch a live test of its blockchain-based intellectual property rights proof of concept.The Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) will run its tests from late August to late September, per a report published on the CBP’s website. The COAC advises the Secretaries of the Department of the Treasury and Department of Homeland Security. The announcement specifically comes

FinCEN Director Addresses Casino Compliance With Obligations Regarding Crypto

[ad_1] Kenneth A. Blanco, the director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), has urged casinos to follow the agency’s guidelines in regards to suspicious convertible virtual currency (CVC) activity.During his speech at the 12th Annual Las Vegas Anti-Money Laundering Conference on Aug. 13, Blanco addressed casinos’ compliance with the FinCEN’s guidance released in May. In their guidance, the FinCEN considered certain business models involving CVC financial institutions to help

Biggest Crypto Hedge Funds and What They Tell About the Market

[ad_1] The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies stands at $293 billion, and while much of this value has been generated by individual traders buying and selling their own private stashes of crypto, it's also largely the result of big investment funds. These are companies that have crypto assets under management worth as much as $1 billion or upward, with most of them qualifying as the whales the cryptocurrency community often talks