Tron’s Listing on Major US Exchange Is #1 Priority

[ad_1] Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun has said that getting the cryptocurrency listed on the American version of Binance or Coinbase is his company’s number one priority.The entrepreneur was responding to tweets from Tron enthusiasts on Aug. 9, with some claiming that investors were concerned that United States citizens will be unable to trade TRX on Binance.Alarm bells also sounded after TRX was absent from a list of 30 digital assets

How Brexit Will Affect the UK Fintech Industry? Experts Answer

[ad_1] Back in 2016, there was a referendum that caused Brexit, which has since been affecting all spheres of British life. Would Brexit’s effects be positive or negative for the fintech industry in the United Kingdom? We asked experts from the London Fintech Week, the U.K. in a Changing Europe, the University of Nottingham and more. Meanwhile — and this should be underlined — a lot of experts declined to

Naughty North Korea, India’s Bombshell, LTC Flops

[ad_1] U.S. Federal Reserve launching payment system, crypto bulls nonplussedThe United States Federal Reserve left some crypto enthusiasts unimpressed this week when it unveiled plans to release a real-time payments and settlements service. Known as FedNow, it is hoped the infrastructure will lead to faster transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Presently, it is set to launch some time in 2023 or 2024. Morgan Creek Digital Assets

Bitmain Accuses Cryptocurrency Project of Impersonation

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain has accused a cryptocurrency project of falsely using its name in the promotion of a product dubbed Mangocoin (MNG).In an Aug. 9 blog post, Bitmain states that it came across a fraudulent use of its brand in the sale of a product dubbed “Bitmain Cloud Miner” and in the promotion of Mangocoin. The fraudsters allegedly masqueraded as Bitmain and promoted the products on their